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Why Should You Hire a Construction Manager?

Writing in notebookDefined by complexity, modern builds can be a nightmare to supervise. With overlapping tasks and tight schedules, projects can easily hit deadlines and balloon in costs. However, hiring a professional to oversee the work can result in savings in time, effort, and energy.

So, what is a construction manager and why should you consider hiring one?

What do they do?

Site, or construction, managers are hired to oversee and explicitly direct tasks and key operations on a project. This involves a careful balancing of resources, scheduling, and maintaining site safety at all levels.

Fundamentally, a construction manager is responsible for supervising the actions of key team heads and acting as an intermediary with any surveyors, architects, or key stakeholders in the project. Once this is agreed, the manager sources the professionals necessary to bring the project to completion, such as suppliers, contractors, builders; and help coordinate communications between all of them.

These professionals play an essential role in every project and, failing to deploy them effectively often incurs greater expense than their hiring costs represent. This makes them near essential in a range of fields, from residential builds, industrial projects, and civil engineering projects.

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How to Save Space with a Suspended Ceiling

Suspended ceilings are the perfect way to help you save space in the office, as these versatile construction elements can offer a wide range of opportunities when it comes to organisation and access within commercial buildings.

Suspended ceilings are essentially secondary or dropped ceilings, which are built or hung below the primary ceiling level. In many instances, the primary function of a suspended ceiling, particularly in rudimentary or industrially designed offices or workspaces, is to provide a more aesthetic look or to provide a place for lighting or electrics.

There are many benefits to installing suspended ceilings, but an often-overlooked advantage is their space-saving qualities.

Save Space by Creating Space

Suspended ceilings are the perfect addition to your workplace infrastructure. They make for an excellent way to save space, because, in effect, they make use of space that would otherwise never be used.

By virtue of their design, suspended ceilings are hung below the initial ceiling layer in space that is neither accessible nor usable in any other practical sense. The great thing about installing a suspended ceiling is that you are already saving space by essentially creating new space.

That new space above can then be used for a variety of installations, providing further opportunities to save even more space in your workplace.

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What Is A Commercial Fit Out?

Put simply, a Commercial ‘fit out’ can be defined as the process in which an interior space is made suitable for occupation. Offices and other commercial spaces will firstly have the base construction carried out by the developer and then the final fit can be carried out by the occupant. A fit out can be extremely diverse, working with the electrical and mechanical aspects of the space as well as furnishing and decorating to the occupant’s specification.

Depending on what is required in terms of construction in the space, the fit out can take a number of forms which we will be discussing below.

Shell & Core

In most cases, the landlord will provide the ‘shell’ which is referred to as the shell and core. This work is generally comprised of the structure, cladding as well as internal and external works and common areas. From the exterior, the building will look complete but will be bare inside consisting of basic areas such as lobbies, car parks, elevators/escalators, toilets, receptions etc.

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5 Benefits Of A Full Interior Refurbishment

Commercial properties can always benefit from a full interior refurbishment to breathe new life into space. However, business owners will often be apprehensive to venture down this path due to fears of cost, disruption and other issues faced with these types of projects. Often, they are unable to see the benefits and improvements that interior refurbishment can provide their business.

Here we will be discussing what we believe to be 5 key benefits of a full interior refurbishment so that you can better understand how your business can be completely transformed.

First Impressions

First impressions are everything and to visitors, the interior of your premises is a direct reflection of who you are as a business. A well-established business will take pride in their brand and this will be evident from the moment you enter the building. A dull, dated reception will immediately create the impression that you don’t care about your business, so why would you care about your customers? A contemporary and visually stimulating reception will wow visitors and create an environment your employees are proud to work in.

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What Does The Appearance of Your Business Say to Customers

Are your business premises sending your customers the right message?

When designing and decorating your business premises, the well-known phrase “appearance isn’t everything” does not apply.

It’s extremely important to create a commercial space that is well-designed, attractive, and maintained to a high standard to ensure that you are sending customers the right message and making a good first impression.

The way your business’ physical property looks both inside and out, plays a vital part in retaining your existing customers, growing your business, and indeed your bottom line, so you can’t afford to neglect it!

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a restaurant, shop, or office, the way you present your business speaks volumes to your customers.

Here are a few questions people may ask themselves when deciding whether to shop with your business and some insight into how your business’ appearance could affect their answers.

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Choosing The Best Lighting For Your Suspended Ceiling

The lighting you choose for your commercial property’s suspended ceiling will play a big part in setting the atmosphere.

Lighting can affect the aesthetics and mood of your workplace, as well as employee health, wellbeing and performance.

Natural light is extremely important to health and wellbeing, so it’s important to maximise natural light wherever possible. However, when there is not enough natural light available, artificial light should be used carefully and thoughtfully to create a comfortable space.

Many commercial properties feature practical and energy-efficient suspended ceilings to cover up unsightly wires or pipes, improve soundproofing, and make the property warmer and more comfortable.

So, what lighting can be installed in a suspended ceiling? Are there any restrictions? And what factors should you take into consideration when choosing your lighting?

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How Does the Appearance of Your Office Impact Work Productivity?

Managers are constantly looking for ways to boost employee productivity, from offering incentives to investing in team building events. These can undoubtedly improve an organisation’s bottom line by motivating employees to hit new outputs. But as employees spend much of their waking hours at work, one factor that’s worth taking a closer look at is how the office is set up.

The appearance of an office ties directly into all aspects of its overall design – furniture placement, lighting, noise, and even the technology used. A well-planned workspace is not only more conducive to productivity but it even has a positive impact on overall wellbeing.

It sounds almost too good to be true. But there’s sufficient evidence that suggests a strong correlation between office design and productivity. Here we’ll look at how better working environments can benefit your business.

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